Have you been probed lately?
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports half of Americans over the age of 30 have periodontitis.  That equates to almost 65 million Americans having advanced periodontal disease! Exactly what is periodontal disease?  Inflammation due to the presence of bacteria affecting both the soft tissue and bone which support the teeth.  Periodontal disease is typically painless as it progresses and undermines the supporting structures for your teeth.  As it advances, bac... Read More
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The Golden Years and Beyond
The Golden Years and Beyond – Maintaining Your Smile At Fox Family Dental we encourage prevention.  People are living longer and teeth and gums need special attention to make it through the Golden Years.   The routine 6 month cleaning and checkup may not be enough to prevent problems from arising in our teeth.  Several factors can contribute to cavities beginning in our late-middle ages continuing into our elderly years.  Medications dry our mouths and multiple ... Read More
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Prevention is Fundamental!
Prevention is fundamental as it applies to your health.   Dentistry is no exception!  Keeping regular appointments with a dental hygienist will reward you with a healthy smile.  Regular maintenance can keep problems, if and when they arise, small and manageable.   Imagine never changing the oil in your vehicle.  The engine problems that will ensue can be expensive and sometimes catastrophic.  Doing your part by frequenting a dental hygienist will help prev... Read More
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At Fox Family Dental we strive to meet the demands of our patients and their dental health. We live in a time where rising costs of health care inhibit many people from receiving the care they want and deserve. Typically, dental insurance does little to ease the strain of these costs. The Maximum allowable benefits for the most common dental insurance plan has not increase since the 1970s while dental costs have risen dramatically! What used to cover all your treatment costs may only cover a fr... Read More
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Sealants and Sweet Tooths
Have your little ones shed some baby teeth and grown permanent molars? Protect those brand new teeth against dental decay with sealants; they’re easy, they don’t hurt, and they can reduce decay by 50%. Dr. Fox weighs in: “When permanent molars first erupt, we fill the deep crevices with a bonded resin leaving no place for the bacteria that cause cavities to live, reducing the likelihood of infection.” Sealant forms a protective shield over the enamel of each tooth, ty... Read More
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Technology Triple Threat
I grew up going to Dr. Bob Fox and always enjoyed it. His assistant Laura always made it fun and took great care of me. Hygienists are always informative and thorough. Now my kids are going there. They love it and it is always great to see the friendly faces and happy smiles that I grew up with. Thank you Dr. Fox and staff. Erin G. Technology not only improves patient experience at Fox Family Dental, but it also improves the outcome of your dental work and helps deliver efficient service - an ... Read More
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Happy Thanksgiving from Fox Family Dental! We count it as a privilege to care for you and your families teeth; thank you for trusting us with your oral care. Navigate the Thanksgiving spread this month with an eye to your dental health - many traditional Thanksgiving dishes are surprisingly good for your teeth! Turkey contains phosphorus, which can help with tooth development in children. Cranberry sauce without extra sugar can actually help cancel out the trouble Streptococcus mutans ca... Read More
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An apple a day keeps away?  There’s a little more to it than just apples (though they do have natural scrubbers that can help freshen breath!), but widening your daily diet to include foods that promote dental health is a piece of cake.   1.  Drink water Fluoridated water, just like the kind we have right here in Cape Girardeau, gives your mouth important defenses against cavity-causers.  Bonus: It’s handy directly from your faucet! 2. ... Read More
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