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Sealants and Sweet Tooths

Have your little ones shed some baby teeth and grown permanent molars? Protect those brand new teeth against dental decay with sealants; they’re easy, they don’t hurt, and they can reduce decay by 50%.

Dr. Fox weighs in: “When permanent molars first erupt, we fill the deep crevices with a bonded resin leaving no place for the bacteria that cause cavities to live, reducing the likelihood of infection.” Sealant forms a protective shield over the enamel of each tooth, typically the back molars that are most at risk for cavities.

While not a permanent solution, sealants can last for upwards of 5 years, providing protection through cavity-prone years. You’ve taught your kids to brush and floss, but sealants provide an extra layer of peace of mind. Fox Family Dental can get your appointment set up today!

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