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Prevention is Fundamental!

Prevention is fundamental as it applies to your health.   Dentistry is no exception!  Keeping regular appointments with a dental hygienist will reward you with a healthy smile.  Regular maintenance can keep problems, if and when they arise, small and manageable.   Imagine never changing the oil in your vehicle.  The engine problems that will ensue can be expensive and sometimes catastrophic.  Doing your part by frequenting a dental hygienist will help prevent the catastrophes from happening in your mouth.

Half of American adults suffer from gum disease.  Although most cases are minor and localized to a few areas, it is imperative that proper diagnosis is made.  Gum disease is caused by the presence of specific bacteria around the teeth.  The longer the bacteria persist, the harder they are to remove and keep under control.  Our hygienists strive to identify the presence of these bacteria and help you rid your mouth of disease before major problems compound.

Gum disease left untreated is a major reason for tooth loss.  Additionally, the inflammation and bacteria can negatively influence the health throughout your body.  

At Fox Family Dental our practice is geared towards prevention.    We do our best to provide patients the best treatment possible.   In fact, we periodically make changes to keep up with advancements and changes in the American Dental Associations recommended treatment protocol.  For example, in the last few years we have increased the frequency of our routine radiographs.  Using digital radiography we are able to do this without increasing harmful exposure associated with traditional x-rays.  Early detection of cavities means the restorations are typically smaller and last much longer. 

Furthermore, we have reduced the number of patients our hygienists see each day.  Providers in many aspects of healthcare are plagued by having to see a greater number of patients each day.   Shorter appointments and patient overload are a hindrance to proper care.  At Fox Family Dental we have decided to go against this trend.  By giving you more time with your hygienist, they have adequate time to discover gum disease and educate you on how to get your mouth to a state of optimum health.  Keeping your gums disease free establishes a foundation to have a healthy smile last a lifetime.


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Dental Elements JANUARY 22 2019
Thanks, great post. I really like your point of view! Well, as much as many clinics offer exceptional emergency dental services, it is important that you take care of your teeth at home.

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