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Technology Triple Threat

I grew up going to Dr. Bob Fox and always enjoyed it. His assistant Laura always made it fun and took great care of me. Hygienists are always informative and thorough. Now my kids are going there. They love it and it is always great to see the friendly faces and happy smiles that I grew up with. Thank you Dr. Fox and staff.

Erin G.

Technology not only improves patient experience at Fox Family Dental, but it also improves the outcome of your dental work and helps deliver efficient service - an all around triple threat!

Fox Family Dental maintains and upgrades their dentistry tech on a continual basis to keep your smile healthy and beautiful. Here’s how!

Digital X-Rays: Radiation exposure is minimal with our digital x-rays. A typical x-ray is no more than half day of normal radiation you receive in everyday activity.

Cone Beam CT: Your mouth in 3D! We are proud to use a specialized Cone Beam CT that lets Dr. Jim and Dr. Bob see all of the hard tissues, bone and teeth in three dimensions. This also helps us hone in on signs and symptoms that a traditional x-ray cannot detect. Missing teeth can be replaced with implants virtually in safe, precise spots.

Intra-Oral Scanner: Any patient who has had a mouthful of potentially gagging “goop” filled trays to make an impression for a crown will appreciate the thought of a digital scan! Fox Family Dental’s intra-oral scanner reduces the need for a traditional, “goopy” impression.

CAD-CAM Machine: Kick back, relax and put your feet up, while our CAD-CAM machine fabricates teeth while you wait! Owning this special mill has its advantage, as we can offer you a crown or veneer in a single visit - avoiding the need for temporary crowns, multiple appointments and time off work and no icky impressions.

The beauty of all of this tech? It integrates - beautifully! For example, you’re missing a tooth, so you come see us at Fox Family Dental. Dr. Fox decides that a dental implant is your best best. He makes a quick 3D scan of the area where the tooth is missing. The intra-oral scan makes a digital copy of the shape and location of the existing and missing teeth. The two scans integrate and within minutes, a surgical guides is created on the CAD-CAM machine that places the implant in the exact locations per-determined by the 3-D x-ray. That implant is then guided precisely and safely into the spot it needs to go. Those same machines design and generate a tooth unique to that specific location that restores your smile.

The best and latest in dental tech at Fox Family Dental is an all around good deal, for you and your smile! Questions? We’re happy to help!

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