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Discount Plans that put Extra Money in Your Pocket!

At Fox Family Dental we strive to meet the demands of our patients and their dental health. We live in a time where rising costs of health care inhibit many people from receiving the care they want and deserve. Typically, dental insurance does little to ease the strain of these costs.

The Maximum allowable benefits for the most common dental insurance plan has not increase since the 1970s while dental costs have risen dramatically! What used to cover all your treatment costs may only cover a fraction of a single tooth replacement. This is ridiculous!

Dental insurance is a business that is for profit. Insurance executives in our state receive millions of dollars in bonuses. This is money that should go directly to your health and not in someone else's pocket.

Generally speaking, the more catastrophic the medical emergency, the more your medical insurance pays. Similar scenarios exist with home and auto insurance; bigger problems equal bigger payouts. Unfortunately, dental insurance provides little to no benefits for catastrophic events. If you have a major dental emergency you can expect major bills that will not covered by your insurance plans.

Therefore, it is more realistic to look at dental insurance plans as discount plans. The profit goes to inflate executive bonuses and not provide adequate coverage.

At Fox Family Dental we offer a discount plan that keeps the extra money in your pocket. By getting routine cleanings and x-rays you qualify for a discount that grows with time. We will offer a discount up to 20% off all services. Routine maintenance and preventive care is paramount to dental health and we will reward you for it. You only pay for the cleaning and diagnostic services you receive. No up front fees, no residual costs, no deductibles, no wasted money. Get your cleanings and receive a discount!

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