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Minimize Dental Damage this Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving from Fox Family Dental! We count it as a privilege to care for you and your families teeth; thank you for trusting us with your oral care.

Navigate the Thanksgiving spread this month with an eye to your dental health - many traditional Thanksgiving dishes are surprisingly good for your teeth! Turkey contains phosphorus, which can help with tooth development in children. Cranberry sauce without extra sugar can actually help cancel out the trouble Streptococcus mutans cause - those pesky S. mutans help plaque build up. As you chew, high fiber foods like sweet potatoes and broccoli naturally scrub your teeth. Desserts pack the most damage of the Thanksgiving menu, with sticky foods like pecan pie getting glued to your teeth causing erosion.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving, and pack a toothbrush for a quick brush before you hit the road. Your teeth will thank you!
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