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5 Ways to Improve Dental Health through Nutrition
An apple a day keeps away?  There’s a little more to it than just apples (though they do have natural scrubbers that can help freshen breath!), but widening your daily diet to include foods that promote dental health is a piece of cake.  

1.  Drink water
Fluoridated water, just like the kind we have right here in Cape Girardeau, gives your mouth important defenses against cavity-causers.  Bonus: It’s handy directly from your faucet!

2.  Dairy
Protein + calcium - sugar = a winning combo from dairy products!  Protein and calcium help strengthen your teeth, and there isn’t an overload of sugar to undo all that good work.

3.  Fruits and Veggies
Enjoy tasty fruits and veggies AND clean your mouth at the same time....high in water and fiber, your favorite greens and snacks also stimulate saliva production, a natural cleaning device that helps rinse undesirables like acids and food particles away from your chompers.  Including fruits and veggies is even easier with Cape Girardeau’s farmer’s markets in full swing!    

4.  Lean protein
Carnivores, take heart - munching on food rich in phosphorus like meat, poultry, fish, milk and eggs can protect enamel and even help replace minerals in your teeth.

5.  Nuts
Squirrel away protein (tooth strengthening and protection) and stimulate saliva production (natural mouth cleaning) with nuts.  Super snackable travel well and with dozens of varieties - cashews, walnuts, pecans, almonds, and more -  it will be a while before boredom sets in.  

Even better?  All five of those nutritional pointers for good dental health are great for your overall health, so it’s a win-win!  Keep that smile sparkling with those easy ways to promote healthy teeth and regular check-ups from Fox Dental.
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